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1️⃣ Can players join the whole course through the app?

Yes, they are able to enroll in the whole course. The inscription fee must be paid online.

2️⃣ Can players join a specific class instead of the whole course?

Yes, they can join a single class of a course. The inscription fee must be paid online

3️⃣ Can players join a course or a class with the option “pay at the club”?

No, if you book your spot online it must be paid via the app to reserve your slot

4️⃣ What are the payment methods available to pay for a course or a course class inscription?

These payment methods are configurable in our back office tool and each has a section to define Payment methods. Please contact the Support Team via chat if you need further assistance regarding the activation of new payment methods.

5️⃣ Can players use the Club Wallet to pay a course or course class inscription?

Yes, it is important that you update the settings of your Club wallet if you want to allow it. The Club money wallet (default) has courses allowed by default.

6️⃣ Is there any deadline to join a course through the app?

Players can enroll in the app only till the end of the course. The price is not prorated, it means that the users will pay the full amount preset by your Club as if they join from the beginning of the course.

7️⃣ Are custom prices per user category applied?

No, players have to be enrolled through the manager where the Club can modify the inscription price manually when adding the player to the course.

8️⃣ Can players cancel their inscription from the app (for a course or course class)?

Yes, they can do it ONLY if they have not surpassed the start date. After the start date, it is the manager who has to manually remove the player from the course and make a manual refund

9️⃣ If a player unsubscribes by himself/herself, is the money refunded?

Yes, if the users unsubscribe before the start date, the money is automatically refunded.

1️⃣0️⃣ If a Club manager adds a player in a course as a pending payment, can the user pay this amount through the app?

No, the user has to pay at reception and the Club manager has to mark it as paid.

1️⃣1️⃣Can players check their courses or course classes from the app?

Yes, users enrolled in a course or course class can see their activities from the app in the Academy section - My academy. They can use the different filter options to get their courses or classes.

1️⃣2️⃣Can players add other users in a course?

No, the same user logged in the app is the same user enrolled in the course.

1️⃣3️⃣Can players contact the coach?

There is no specific channel to talk through the course with the Coach, but, if the coach is defined for the course, you can click on the Coach profile and open a chat. It is not intended to be used in courses but it is an option to use

1️⃣4️⃣Can a player who is enrolled in a course, unsubscribe themself from a single class of that course?

No, if a player is enrolled in the whole course, the Club manager is the only one who can remove them for a single course class.

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