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Update court configuration
Update court configuration

How to change the court configuration from double to single, outdoor to roofed etc

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If there is ever a time where you need to change your double court to single or maybe you have built a temporary roof over your outdoor court, you will need to update the court configuration in your back office. Follow the below instructions to learn how.

  1. Go to the menu Settings > Facilities

  2. Find the court you need to change and open by clicking the reference number (NOT EDIT)

  3. Once inside the court, scroll down to the see the "facility features" and open the feature that you need to change

  4. Click on edit and in the field Value, select the new value. Once completed, click on save.

  5. Once you have saved the new value, contact the Playtomic Customer Care Team via the chat so we can sync the new changes for you.

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