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When you join Playtomic as a Club, you have to read the Privacy Policy and confirm it by checking the section highlighted in the picture that follows:

Once you have created your Club in Playtomic Manager, you will be able to see and manage a new tab called “Marketing Permissions” under Settings>Marketing Permissions

🔔 This screen also shows in step number 9 of the Onboarding process (after the Stripe configuration)

What are the implications of each option?

By consenting to process your personal data, you accept:

  • Receiving “Marketing communications from Playtomic”, you can receive all commercial communications recommended by Playtomic.

  • For “Marketing analysis of users behavior”, Playtomic can analyze your behavior and advise you what is closest to your preferences.

  • Receiving random questionnaires”, you authorize Playtomic to send you some questionnaires with the purpose of analyzing user responses and improving their services.

  • Receiving WhatsApp communications”, you authorize Playtomic to send you communications directly on your WhatsApp account.

If you don’t want Playtomic to process your personal data for these purposes, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

Who can manage them?

This section is visible to all admin roles, but only the tenant owner can modify them (if you have any doubt regarding your level of permissions, contact us via chat 💬), as this is the data subject under GDPR).

What happens if I have never seen this before?

If your Club was activated before April 2020, do not worry, all these options have been automatically set up as “without consent” so you can manage them now.

Why are these marketing permissions so important to understand and manage?

From Playtomic we want to guarantee you that you take full control of your personal data under GDPR perspective.

For the data processing listed above, we need your consent as, without it, we will not be able to process the data as described (for example, we will not be able to send you commercial communications).

In any case, we will continue sending you communications about how Playtomic Manager works and which are not included in the Marketing communications.

💬 If you do not find an answer, do not worry! 😊 you can always contact us in the live chat.

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