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Do you want to create recurring reservations for your customers? There are two very easy ways to do it in Playtomic Manager, let’s have a look ⬇️

  1. In the Schedule

  2. Via Booking section

Recurring series assigned to your customers will appear in their Playtomic app as long as they use the same email as you have registered in your client database. They can easily pay their recurring bookings in the app, too.

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Recurring booking using the Schedule

How to create a new recurring booking

This process is similar to creating a normal reservation, the only difference is that you have to click the option called "Change Type":

  • Navigate to the Schedule

  • Click on the desired start date and time in order to make a new reservation

  • Click on "Change Type":

  • Click on "Recurring Reservation":

Selecting that option, takes you to the following screen:

Here you must enter:

  • recurrence
    By clicking on the third option called "Custom" (under the tab "Repeat") you can easily personalize your recurring reservation, and a new screen will appear to be modified:

  • Title: this is not compulsory information, but very useful to search it later from the recurring reservation list using the filters:

  • the end date/time

  • courts

  • the owner of the reservation

  • notes: public notes will be visible for customers in the app and private notes are intended for internal use only

The final step is to click on the blue button "Create" to save all changes:

The system will advise you how many reservations in total you are creating, and in the Schedule it will show you that an individual reservation is part of a recurring reservation with the following icon:

If you have any conflict in your Schedule, the system will alert you as well with the unavailable slots:

* If you click on No, let me think: nothing will happen

* If you click on Book only free time, the system will create only the available slots and will skip the non-bookable times. You can have a quick look to the overlapped reservation coming back to the recurring reservation and click on the third tab called “Overlaps”.

Recurring reservations from the Booking section

How to create a new recurring reservation

  1. Navigate to the Booking menu

  2. Open the Recurring series tab and click on add recurring series. The next screen will be slightly different to the previous one:

3. Add all the necessary information (title, price, owner, court, start, and end time and date, and a day). You either add a client that is in your client database, or create a new profile for the player, clicking on the magnifier icon. You also have the option to Mark as guest.

4. Once you added the owner of the reservation, you can add other players (NEW)

5. After completing all the compulsory information, click on Create in order to save the changes.

*Note: there is no option to overbook the courts as the platform will advise you when you are overlapping reservations

Price calculation

Automatic price calculation: The system will calculate the price of every single recurring booking into the series based on the pricing rules (considering court, time and duration) and on the user benefits (memberships or categories)

Dynamic prices (only when automatic price was set): in case a recurring booking has not been paid yet, the system dynamically calculates the price. It implies important benefits, like:

  1. The price of a booking is automatically recalculated in case the pricing rule behind has changed

  2. The price of a booking is automatically recalculated in case the user has changes their benefits (category/membership)

  3. When a recurring booking is rescheduled or resized the system recalculates the price

How players can see the recurring reservations in the App

If you want the player to see upcoming recurring reservations and pay in the app, add the correct player to the reservation. If the customer is not registered in Playtomic, you can mark them as a Guest. In this case, this customer needs to pay the reservations to you directly.

How the players can pay for their recurring reservations

  1. Pay you at the club. You must mark this as paid on the booking with.

    Cash: the user will pay you at the Club

    Credit Card at your reception

    Wallet: the player can use their Club or Merchant Wallet if they have balance
    Onsite Payment Method of your choice: This is one you have configured yourself

  2. The player can pay in the app:

    Do not mark the booking as paid, and the pending payments will show up in the player's profile. The player will be able to choose the payment method of their choice.

Save the changes and you’re ready!

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