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How to edit a reservation (drag and drop)
How to edit a reservation (drag and drop)

Do customers have to rearrange their reservation? No problem at all!

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In this article you will learn how to modify the date or the hour of a confirmed reservation.

🚨 Please remember you can only modify future reservations and no past ones

“Drag and Drop” a reservation

When you have to move a reservation on the same day, the easiest way is to drag and drop the reservation box on the Schedule.

At this point, it is necessary to make a distinction between paid and unpaid reservations: you will appreciate the different behavior of the platform in the following videos:

Unpaid Reservations

In case this case, the platform will ask us if we want to update the price. A popup message will appear only if the system detects a difference between price ranges, otherwise no alert will be shown.

Paid Reservations

On the other hand, in case of a paid reservation, the platform will warn us that within the same reservation there are parts that were already paid and consequently ask us if we want to move it anyway or discard changes.

🔔 All the customers that are part of the reservation will receive an e-mail that notifies them about the change 

Same actions can be done to move the reservation into another court.

Reselect on the Schedule

If our goal is to move the reservation from one day to another one, there is another functionality call Reselect:

  1. Click on the reservation you want to modify and then on the green link Reselect.

2. The platform will communicate us that we are in Editing mode.

3. You can have a look at the following video to understand how to move the reservation on the calendar, just remind to click on Save when all the changes are done.

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