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How to register the payment of a reservation
How to register the payment of a reservation

Track the payments in a simple way

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If what you are looking for is a software that helps you update your reservations fast and not miss any of your payments, Playtomic Manager is the right choice for you:

1️⃣ Go to the main Schedule overview and click on the reservation:

2️⃣ You can update the payment clicking on the pencil icon ✏️ (on the right hand side of the user information).

3️⃣ The system will ask you to select the method of payment depending on your payment settings.

For example:

4️⃣ When modified, click on the blue button Update to save the information.

5️⃣ Please do not forget to click as well on the button Save Changes displayed above.

It will switch from blurred to an intense blue and then you can click on it to confirm the changes.

The first example was based on a Single Payment case, but updates by Clubs should be done also for Split Payments: the main difference is that changes must be done on 4 users instead of 1.

⚠️ Please remember that if you do not mark as paid a booking with Split Payment within the first two hours after the end of the game, the owner of the reservation will be automatically charged, as they are considered as the main responsible of the game. In case of a manual reservation created by the Club, the charge is only added if the first player pays from the app or with Wallet. Otherwise, a debt for all the four users will be created and shown in the homepage of Playtomic app. 

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