How to add a reservation

Fast, easy and editable from the Schedule's section

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Adding a reservation on Playtomic Manager is a very simple and intuitive process.

From Playtomic Manager's Schedule you can rapidly create a reservation on your courts. To create a reservation you will need to click on any of the blank spaces available within your calendar.

A new window will open and it will request the following information:

  • NEW RELEASE!: you can now select between a regular reservation or a recurring reservation 🙌 . By default you will see a tab for "Regular reservation":

  • If you want to change it to a recurring reservation simply click on "change type" and select "recurring reservations":

  • Start and end time of the reservation

  • Court

  • Coach (if it is a Lesson)

  • Payment type: Split or Single Payment

  • Price per person (by default, the platform recovers the related price settled in the pricing section)

  • Make it recurring, to deep dive into recurring reservations have a look at this article

  • Participants (they can be added as a registered user or a guest ( in this case select the green wording Mark as a guest)

  • Payment method of participants

  • NEW RELEASE! 🙌 You can now add a "Public" or "Private" notes to your reservation:

  • To search for an existing user, type the name manually next to the magnifier icon and it will pop up

  • To create a new user, click on the magnifier icon too but also on + New Customer:

    A new window with all the requested information will be displayed as below:

⚠️ Please always Remember to click on the dark blue button called "Add owner" in order to save all the information about each participant. 

💬 If you do not find an answer, do not worry! 😊 you can always contact us in the live chat.

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