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First steps to shape your Club on Playtomic Manager before going live

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In this article, you can have a quick look on how to complete the configuration of your Club.

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Confirm the general information

After having created the Club in Playtomic Manager, an alert will show up on the top of the screen with a button called "Confirm General Information":

The information to be verified is as follows:

  • Club name, address and services available at your Club

  • Images or logo of your Club to be published on the Playtomic app and website

  • Your website, telephone number and description

  • Book ahead limit and cancellation time

  • Courts list

  • Prices (view on this article)

⚠️ Please remember, you must click on the blue button "Next" at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

  • Banner on the website:
    Photos of your club on your front page should be 2048x1152 for horizontal photos, and 1152x2048 for vertical ones.

  • Banner on mobile:
    Logos can best be 730x381 px, or about that size

Billing information

Once you have completed the general information you can continue with the next step: "Billing Information"

Finally, the following step is related to the setup of a Stripe account, a topic which is explained on this article

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