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The Schedule is the heart of Playtomic Manager, the section where you can see a summary of the occupancy at your Club during a specific day 📊

You can find a responsive interface which is settled by default on the specific day of the month and also can be filtered based on the sport or court type:

Here you can find examples of actions that can be performed in this section:

Clubs can also assign a specific color to the Schedule reservations (according to their current status):

  • Paid

  • Partially Paid

  • Unpaid

  • Recurring reservation paid

  • Recurring reservation unpaid

  • Online Booking

  • League

  • Lessons

  • User (in this case you can only select a registered user available in your Customers base)

Colors can be settled in the Settings sections, clicking on Venue and then on the third item called Calendar.

Finally, it is possible to enable from Settings an additional functionality called hover: located under Calendar and in the subdivision titled Others. In order to enable it, just click the box on the right side of the screen ✅

The hover would allow you to see the basic information of a specific reservation displayed in the Schedule, just moving your mouse or pointer above it. An example can be found in the following screen, where we have a reservation waiting for payment and correctly categorized as Unpaid 💰

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