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How to visualize prices
How to visualize prices

Keep an eye on your prices through multiple visualizations

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In order to verify your current prices, please go Settings in the side menu of Playtomic Manager and then click on Pricing

For quick access to prices, click on the button below:

In this the section, there are two visualization options available for Managers:

  • The calendar view, displayed according to the prices settled previously. Click on this link to check how to create or edit a price.

Within this page, we can adjust the view according to multiple filters and buttons clicking below:

The first filter from the left, allow us to see the general price (Default) or the one linked to specific categories.

Moving on, we can choose between seeing all prices, normal or temporary ones (to see what a temporary price is, go to this link)

We can also select if we want a visualization per week or if we prefer a visualization per court.

If we choose the second option, we will see a screen similar to the above one.

The two buttons allow the Manager to select a specific week or court.

⚠️ If you have previously selected the court view, the last box will not be displayed.

  • The Pricing List view: you can access this option clicking on the following item, right below the title:

A list of all the prices of the Club, based on chronological order of creation, will be displayed. Here you can find a clear indication and a summary of the time range, weekdays, price, courts and date (if temporary, otherwise the sign N/A- not applicable- will appear).

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