How to import users into Playtomic Manager
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In this article we will explain to you how to import customers from your database into Playtomic Manager.

Please note that, if you are importing users with special benefits (e.g. Club members) you will have to create a category in the system first. Here's how to do it.

Below you can see a list of the necessary and unique information for each column that you will have to provide. In addition, some parameters to be taken into account are explained.

🎾 You need to create the following columns in an excel document (as detailed below) to add the available information about your customers:

It is very important that you follow these rules:

  • name*: user's name

  • email*: user's email

  • phone_number: user's phone number. It must include the international prefix of the country, for example, for Spain it is the number 34 (this needs to be the prefix of the country where you Club is located not the players')

  • gender: user's gender (male or female)

  • birthdate: user's date of birth. Here we must respect the following format: year-month-day-date

  • category_name: the category must be already created in the system before importing and must match the exact name of the category

  • category_expires: is the expiration date of the user category. Here we must respect the date format YYYYY-MM-DD and do not forget that this date cannot be earlier than the current date, otherwise the Customers will not be able to take advantage of any privilege

🚨 The fields marked with an * are mandatory for the import. You can leave the other columns blank, but do not delete the header or the column because you will get an error when importing.

🎾 Once you complete all the information, you will have to convert the document to cvs format (Comma-Separated Values). We recommend to use Google Sheets to perform this action. Please follow up these steps:

  • copy all the information

  • select "paste special"

  • chose "values only":

Then, from the same document:

  • click on "download"

  • click on "Comma separated values"

The system will automatically download a file with the following format:

🎾 Once the data is converted into the cvs document, go to Playtomic Manager to start the import. Below is a short explanation video.

🎾 If everything goes well, the system will tell you that the import is complete:

🎾 If there are any errors during the import, you can view the system instructions by clicking on Download error rows:

*In this case below, it is indicated that the user emails are duplicated and the player information was not imported:

💬 If you have any questions during the import, don't worry, you can always contact us via Chat and we will help you 😊.

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