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User categories

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A user category is a group of parameters that allow the users to book courts and join matches under these rules instead of the default club rules. There are some concepts about user categories that worth to be explained.

  • Status: a user category could be:

    • Enabled: users can be added to this category

    • Disable: users can be added to this category

  • Expiration date: it is the deadline for the user to be linked to this user category

  • Booking privileges: there are the some variables that could be defined:

    • Booking ahead (days)

    • Maximum bookings/day (only applies to regular bookings and open matches)

    • Number of active bookings

    • Cancellation policy (hours)

  • Pricing: there are 2 different ways of setting the special pricing or offers for one category and it only applies to bookings and matches:

    • Simple pricing: there 4 different ways to apply special pricing for the members into a user category:

      • Amount discount: it will apply a fixed amount discount

      • Percentage discount: it will apply a percentage discount

      • Price for all bookings: it will apply always a fixed price for the bookings regardless the duration of them

      • Price per hour: it will apply a price based on 60 minutes

    • Advanced pricing: in case the club needs to set different rules by day and time.

  • Members: are the users that have been added to a user category. Only one user category is permitted by user.

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