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What is it?

It is a data-based functionality showing everything that happens at your Club

Where does this data come from?

Everything we show in the Reports comes from Playtomic data

Is the Dashboard working in real time?

No!, the model behind the data is currently manually updated, several times a day: 04:00-10:00-16:00 and 22:00 UTC. To be safe, please always consider all data is updated up to YESTERDAY!

What is the time criteria?

Metrics are based on when something happened. In this case, being the Dashboard addressed to a Club Manager, we want to show you what happened on you courts day-by-day / hour-by-hour. He doesn't care when a match is created, he cares when (and if) that match was played and how much they have paid. Every chart is based on the local_start_date of the match.

How does the time-filter works?

Charts have been created to automatically adapt the depth of the analysis by interpreting the time-range selected via the time-filter. In other words, columns will adapt to what you select in the filter and group data accordingly:

Why are amounts different from those in the invoice?

There are many reasons why this Dashboard has different values from the invoices:

1️⃣ Static vs Dynamic

The invoice is a static picture of the situation taken in an exact moment, it will never change. The Dashboard, on the contrary, is dynamic and reflects the contents of the Schedule.

For example, after having created the invoice:

  • If a manager deletes a payment from a match, the Dashboard will not sum that amount anymore

  • If a manager moves a match to another day, in the next fortnight (invoice period), the count of matches and the amounts will be different from the invoice

*NOTE: Invoices don't change over time, dashboards do.

2️⃣ Invoices have Debts

When we create an invoice, we will include also a DEBT, because we will charge the player for that amount and the Club is therefore invoicing us for that amount as well.

The Dashboard is not considering the debt amount and was built for a different purpose (based on users' feedback). That is "how much money have I received via Playtomic online payments connected both to Bookings and Matches".

3️⃣ Invoices have many products

In the invoice, we can also find other 'products' that are not accounted for this initial version of the Dashboard. Invoiced 'products' are: OFFERS CLASSES WALLET RECHARGES TOURNAMENTS BOOKINGS MATCHES PRODUCT EXTRAS

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