How to launch a League

How to create/edit/cancel/share a League

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In this article, you will find:

  • How to create a new League (9 steps)

  • How to duplicate an existing League

  • How to share a League

  • How to cancel a League

How to create a new League in Playtomic Manager

There are 9 steps to create a League, here you see the checklist and further below a video explaining all the stages:

✔️ General information

✔️ Dates

✔️ Leagues rules

✔️ Match rules

✔️ Restrictions

✔️ Points

✔️ Courts

✔️ Timeframes

✔️Additional information

🚨 You can edit all the information above after you have created the League, from Settings section under the tab called Manage League

How to duplicate a League in Playtomic Manager

How to share a link of a League

How to cancel a League

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