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Hardware - Door, Keypad and Lights (Syltek only)
Hardware - Door, Keypad and Lights (Syltek only)

How you can manage the hardware from the back office

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If Playtomic has supplied you with hardware for your keypad entry and lights, then there are a couple of things you should know how to do in your back office.

The most important to know is that every reservation, generates a new PIN code for access. The pin code for the reservation is emailed to the player in the reservation confirmation email and can also be found in the app and you can also see this in your back office.



By default the pin code is active 30 mins before the reservation starts during the reservation time and up to 15 mins after.

You do have the opportunity to change this in your back office if the above does not suit your players.

Just go to Settings > Center and scroll down to this field:

NOTE - You must complete both fields for this to change.


These will be used for staff members or alike and you can create your own access codes in SETTINGS > ACCESS CODES. These codes never expire and you can edit and create new ones whenever you need.


If you have INDOOR courts, the lights will turn on 5 mins before the reservation start time and will turn off 5 mins after it ends. You can also determine the courtesy minutes of these lights in Settings > Sports > (Select Sport) > Courtesy Minutes. Important to remember is that you must fill both fields in these settings for it to function correctly.

If you have OUTDOOR courts then you will have what we call Automatic Extras. The automatic extras are set by us when we configure your club, however can be changed when required. The auto extras are configured to turn on when there is a booking after sundown and to turn off after your last reservation time. As a general rule, we set these to turn off 5-10 mins after the closing time, however if you wish to give your player more playing time, this can be adjusted.

Go to Settings > Automatic Extras > Enter the month in which applies and scroll down to the hours to change them.

Remember to use the live chat function in your back office if you have further questions regarding hardware.

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