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The Playtomic Display
The Playtomic Display

Find out what it is the Playtomic Display and how to find the URL link

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What is the Playtomic Display? I

It is a public URL where the clubs can display their timetable so the users can find "on the go" where they are playing (without going to the frontdesk). they will also be able to see who played first and also how are the rest of the players that are playing at the same time.

The display will automatically scroll down with the time so it will show the games "now" every time:

To facilitate the user to find themselves and let them now when is the right time to go to their court we display a "Go to court" alert in the reservations that are starting in the next 15 minutes. We also keep this alert until 10 minutes after the booking started for those who are late ;)

How can I get the url?

At this first phase of the development the url is built by the following logic: >>> + Club Uid

How many courts are shown in the display?

By default the display shows 4-5 courts at a time, rotating among all the courts every few seconds. 

Nevertheless we activated the possibility to display a fixed amount of courts. In order to use this feature you will only need to add:

?court_number=10 >> (number of courts)

The club owners can also filter the courts in the display by type of sport

&sports=PADEL >> (sport ID)

Which bookings are shown in the display?

At this moment we ONLY show those bookings made in Playtomic App/Web by the users. Whenever there is a booking that was made manually by the club the display will shown "private booking"

Which users are shown in the Display?

We believe that data is key for the most successful managers, that's why we always encourage all the club owners to ask their players to add with whom they are playing every game.

The Playtomic Display will show the pictures and names of all the players that were added in the booking. If the user who made the booking didn't add the rest of the players they will be shown as "Guest"

Do not worry about GDPR, we already considered it and its included in our legal terms that every user accepted

Which size of TV should I use?

We considered an optimal size of 42inches TV and above. It all depend on where are you installing the TV and how far will the users stand while checking it.

Match score.

Once the match is played, the users can upload the score in the App. By uploading the score every player level will fluctuate.

Playtomic Display shows the score of the past matches

Soon we will launch the "club ranking" and uploading the score will be crucial for the most competitive players.

Top players

In the right side of the display we added the "Top players" of the club. These are the users who played more times in your club in the past 30 days. This information is refreshing automatically

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