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Playtomic Back Office

How you as a club can use the Playtomic Back Office

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Playtomic Back Office will allow you to manage the day to day ongoings at your venue, including venue configuration such as prices and schedule

The following video contains a quick introduction about Playtomic Back Office:

Let's keep learning about the features that you can use at your venue. Below you can find some videos that will help you to understand the basics of the Playtomic Back Office:


▶️ How to create a new client

▶️ How to create a client type and apply a special price

▶️ How to create reservation prices and apply them in the calendar

▶️ How to change opening hours in the schedule

▶️ How to close the venue and cancel reservations

▶️ How to open the cash drawer (if you have one)

▶️ How to refill a Voucher (also in the App)

▶️ How to refill a Voucher manually

▶️ How to create a voucher promotion

💡 Note: More information can be found here.

▶️ How to change the court name


▶️ How to make a manual reservation

💡 Note: Although most of your bookings might be done and paid by the players themselves by Playtomic App there might be some circumstances that require that you make the reservation manually from the Playtomic Back Office.

▶️ How to mark as paid a manual reservation

▶️ How to cancel a manual reservation

▶️ How to create a multiple reservation

▶️ How to cancel a multiple reservation

▶️ Reservation Settings

▶️ How split payment option works

💡 Note: Split payment is an option that can be used for players within the Playtomic App. This feature allows each player to pay their corresponding part of the reservation.


We are here to help you achieve success with your club. Please see below all the things we do to help you:

🤔 If you have doubts you can check our help center to learn more about our technology.

💬 If you do not find an answer, do not worry, you can always contact us in the live chat.

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