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How can clubs use Playtomic Manager?

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This is a platform where you can create activities such as classes and tournaments. It has a revenue dashboard that provides a quick glance at how your venue is going. It also gives you access to all invoices related to Playtomic payments to your club.

💡 Note: In order to activate a Playtomic Manager user, we need you to provide us with the email you are registered with in Playtomic, as a player. If you don't have a user in Playtomic yet, you must register with the email you want and tell us that email to finish the process.

Once we provide access, please use this link to login and remember to save it in your browser

In this video you can see an overview of the Playtomic Manager:


How to create tournaments in Playtomic

💡 Note: More information can be found here.


How to create classes in Playtomic

💡 Note: As you will see in the following video some configurations need to be made in Playtomic Back Office in order to avoid errors with classes.

Click here to access the video on how to create lessons.


Matches feature can be added by request. This feature allows the club to promote automated matches between players.

Click here to access the presentation which explains how matches work.

If you are interested in using this feature at your club, please book a session here.


We are here to help you achieve success with your club. Please see below all the things we do to help you:

🤔 If you have doubts you can check our help center to learn more about our technology.

💬 If you do not find an answer, do not worry, you can always contact us in the live chat.

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