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Place a limit/rule on a voucher
Place a limit/rule on a voucher

How to place a limit or a rule on a voucher

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If you are wanting to place a limit/rule on an available voucher, you can easily do so.

For example: 

The voucher is 100 euros value for 75 euros but you only want this voucher to be available for bookings made Monday to Fridays in the mornings. 

The following steps will explain how to perform this action:

  1. Be sure you have set up a product in your schedule that reflects the limits you want to place on the voucher. 

Here you can see that in the Schedule, there is a product called Padel Reservation Early Bird which reflects the price of bookings made Monday to Friday mornings. 

2. Go to Settings, Payment Method and then either choose an existing voucher, or create a new one. 

3. Scroll down to Valid Products and click on New. Here a new screen will appear.

Start typing the product you wish to use for this voucher limit and click on Save. 

In the main screen of the voucher, it is now visible that there has been a limit placed for usage of this voucher. 

From now on if someone tries to book using this voucher and it is outside of the limit (Monday to Friday, mornings), they will not be able to use it and must try to book another time or use an alternative payment method. 

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