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Change prices in the schedule for a certain time
Change prices in the schedule for a certain time

How to change prices for a particular month

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To change the price in the schedule, for example, the month of October, please follow these steps. 

  1. Firstly you need to Copy the schedule that is to be applied to that month. In our example we are going to copy the Weekly Schedule. For this we go to Settings, Schedules and click on reference of the schedule that you want open. Once open, click on Copy.

You need to update the name to reflect your change, for example Weekly Schedule - Special and click on Accept. Now you can see that a new schedule has been created with the same opening hours and products. 

2. Click on the reference of the new schedule that you have just created. Click on edit and then indicate the dates this schedule will apply. Also make sure you put the same priority as the original schedule. 

3. After saving, an important thing to check is the opening hours, in case they differ from the ones in the schedule you copied. Another thing to look out for is the products. For example, if you want all prices to be non peak because October is a quiet month for you, this will need to be updated. 

Now you will have all of the courts at the cheaper price for the month of October. 

To confirm your changes have been made, go to Settings, Calendar and check that the new changes have been applied for October. 

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the chat. 

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