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Create a promotion for Club's Wallet in Playtomic
Create a promotion for Club's Wallet in Playtomic

How to create a promotion for players to recharge their club's wallet

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From now all money credits in Playtomic, will be added to the users Club Wallet (Balance visible in Profile/My Payment Methods). In order for the user to top-up their Club Wallet, you need to create promotions by following these steps:

From the menu go to Customers/Types of voucher refills. Here you will need to create the actual promotion the user sees in Playtomic and is the one they can use to top-up their Club Wallet. 

Complete the fields as below: 

  • Name: The name of the voucher (It will be the same as the payment method you created). This is what users see in Playtomic. 

  • Description: A short description of the voucher.

  • Voucher Type: Select Money Voucher. 

  • Refilled amount: The amount the user will receive into their Club Wallet.

  • Price: The amount the voucher costs to buy. 

  • Product: Always select Money Voucher Recharge. 

  • Active for Internet and Active at front desk must always be checked. 

  • Expiration days: Put a date if you want the voucher to expire. If you leave it blank they will always be available.

If the recharge is only for some types of customers you can limit it by adding them in Voucher recharge type by customer types.
Example: Members can purchase a better promotional deal than non members. 

Once the voucher is created, it will be visible on both the app and the desktop version as a promotion and will be available to purchase as a top-up in the club's wallet.

Once a purchase has been made, it will act as a payment method for the user.

Important: It will only show as a valid payment method if the player has enough credits to pay for the entire reservation. 

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