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Although there is no specific module for summer camps from the program, we can use existing modules to manage them covering the needs of the center. 

The easiest would be to manage them as an activity in the Activities menu. The following video explains all the steps.

The advantage of this is that option allows us to register and pay online, as a point against we could say that it is only possible to link two different products, one for registration and another for fee. They can have personalized prices for different types customer. 

The option that most centers are currently using is to do it through the Team menubar in the Activities menu.


Name: We will put the description of the camp, it is advisable to put as much information as possible, the week to which it belongs, children's ages, etc.
Details: We can specify the details of the camp, schedules, activities that will be carried out number of children per monitor, etc (it is not a mandatory field)
Registration: Here we can put the "base" price of the camp, without extras. It has to be an item type product.
Sport: We select the sport to which it belongs, if several sports will be taught in the same we choose one from the drop-down.
Season: We select from the drop down the season to which our camp corresponds.


An example of configuration could be the following, we will have to create as many teams as weeks / fortnights we offer camping in our club or center.

By saving this first data we are enabled a series of new tabs.
From the Players and the Add button we can register the children to the camp this week. (We can use the filter for the client search).

Once we have added it, we select it from the checkbox on the left and click on "Add Price"

We can create as articles all these "extras" that we talked about at the beginning such as food, extended evening hours, etc.

We will add as many expenses to the same student as we want.

From the "Additional Expenses" tab we can see all the accumulated debt per customer.

We check the boxes. 

We will choose the Pay button and it takes us to the Tpv, from where we will have the option to charge directly in any of the payment methods that the club has enabled or to apply a discount for recurrence in the camp or if you have siblings etc.

Note: This modality does not allow online registration, but it allows us to manage camps with the possibility of choosing different products to be purchased separately.
It is also possible to combine both modalities. The creation of an activity for online registration with an enrollment product for the "reservation" of camp place and the creation of the team to transfer those registrations and manage the charges from the club or center.

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