The Playtomic Levels & Algorithm: ups & downs 🏆
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To understand how the Playtomic algorithm works, let's see the most 3 important factors that we need to take into account:

1️⃣ Level in the app

Once creating a Playtomic profile in the app, the player will have to set up their level by answering a questionnaire. This will define their preliminary Playtomic generic level (please note that this is only available for Padel and Tennis)

2️⃣ Playtomic scale

The Playtomic levels comes from 0 to 7. Below, you can take a look at the Padel levels description chart in order to have a general overview:



Players without or with little experience in racket sports, and little aptitude or faculty for playing.

This level is mainly considered for those that we think need to start with very basic lessons and be introduced to padel or sport.



Players who have just started playing padel and are in the learning stage.

In their game, they find difficulties with walls and do not distinguish between the attack and defense phase.



Players who are beginning to become familiar with the racket sport, but without mastering it.

They avoid going to the net and feel safe in the baseline, although they continue to make unforced errors in that area, especially in the return of the rival serve.

They begin to feel more comfortable with the walls.



Players with more padel coordinated movements, where the use of walls begins to be an important part of their game.

Greater comfort and use of the net area. Their style of play is beginning to take shape, but they still make some mistakes in execution, tactical positioning and ball reading.



Players who have a good domain of the fundamentals of padel and use the walls regularly.

They distinguish the attack and defense phase well, although they occasionally make mistakes in their choices.

They correctly identify in most cases when to be aggressive. Correct reading of the ball, without taking the greatest possible advantage.

The level of unforced errors is greatly reduced. But still there.



Players who carry out attack-defense transitions with total effectiveness.

They dominate the game situation, detecting the rival's weak points, being able to adapt to different phases of the match.

They anticipate the reading of the ball, being in an advantageous position for the next hit.

They know their strengths perfectly, applying them at the right times.



Agonist players who participate in Federation’s tournaments.

3️⃣ Reliability %

This is the most important factor to understand the changes in the Playtomic level.

The reliability of the level will increase thanks to the added results, but it will be only changed in competitive matches.

How these factors are influencing in the ups & downs of level's user?

The level can suffer ups and downs depending on the uploaded results, but mostly affected by the player’s reliability:

  • Lower reliability = more changes

  • Higher reliability = fewer changes

After uploading the result of a competitive match and depending on the levels + the confidence of each player, the average level per team is taken in consideration and our algorithm calculates how much to add or extract to each player.

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