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How to control the employee's schedule
How to control the employee's schedule
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With the system of integration with lathes you can control every day the time of the entrances and exits of any user who registers.

One option is to register employees as active customers as a client type as an employee, put a card number that can be their ID and that generates a QR, if you buy a USB QR reader and connect it to the receiving computer, the employee arrives his QR passes through the reader and it registers the entry and the exit. 

The other option without using QR is to go to by changing clubname to your center, and there by putting your card you register the entry or exit.

and then at you will see the entries and exits.

We have moved to a product that studies the development of some reports of inputs and outputs and hours worked to make control easier, for now we will have to export those accesses to excel and work it in excel

If you want to try go to your customer card, put a card in the card field and go to the screen to enter the entry and then to the other to see your access.

Before you have to create in Configuration/lathes and terminals as in the image.

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