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Normalize styles in the customer database
Normalize styles in the customer database

How to create a uniform text style in the database

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It is very common to have a client database that is made up of names with capital and lower case letters. 

To help you see everything in a cleaner and tidier way, the program has a functionality so that, regardless of how you write the names of the clients when registering them at the club or when the clients themselves write it when registering online, it can be saved in whichever way you choose. 

From the main menu - Settings, Center

Click on Edit and it will allow you to modify. In the field "Customer names style", a drop down box will provide options of the style you wish to have uniformed in the database. 

  • Capital letters: By choosing this option, it will put both the client's first and last name all in capital letters

  • First in capital letter: By choosing this option, it will capitalize the initial letter of the client's first and last name.

  • Free: This option is the one that comes by default and will leave the name of the clients in file as they were originally written.

NOTE: If you choose any of the first two and Save the change, it will apply to new customers that are created from that moment onwards. 

If you also want this change to be applied to the entire customer database you already have, it is necessary to tick the box for "Normalize database with the name capitalization style?"

IMPORTANT NOTE: It may take a few seconds for this change to take place and it is not reversible (see information icon that appears in blue). We advise you to export an excel from the customer list before accepting this change. 

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