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How co-registration between Playtomic and Syltek works.

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Thanks to the co-registration between Playtomic and Syltek, it is possible that when we book in a "Playtomic Partner" club from the app or web, it automatically creates a profile in the club's database, facilitating, among other things, an automatic association between both accounts without the user or the club having to make another additional registration. In order to accomplish this, the following steps must be followed:

1. We look for the club where we want to book.

2.  We make the reservation.

3. Then when we want to login in Syltek, the first thing that it will ask us will be the access credentials, instead of that, we will click Forgot your password?

4. We type the same email used for the registration in Playtomic and we accept. 

5. We will receive an email with a link in our mail, click on it to create our personalized password.

6. Enter the password that you want, always with a minimum of 6 characters.

And that's it! We already have our two accounts created and linked.

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