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How to send a warning email to clients regarding direct debits

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The program allows us to make a communication via email to notify your clients that in the next few days a direct debit will be passed through their bank account. 

This communication is very useful to ensure the bank account is not caught off guard and thus will avoid payments being returned and avoid you having added work, commissions etc. 

From the main menu, go to Billing, Send Email with Direct Deposits.

Here you will see a list of all the debts that are pending. Not that those that are pending payment will not appear. 

  1. Select all that are of interest by ticking the box. Here you can apply a filter if necessary. 

  2. After you have selected the ones required, click on the Notify Charges button.

3. The program will then send the email that will be taken from the template "Email Body Pending direct deposits" 

Hello [name]!

We are writing to inform you that in the next few days we will direct debit your account fees. 

Receipts details


Total: [total]

Club information

Club name: [centerName]

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