I cannot pay with a voucher

Reasons why payment with a voucher might not be working

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Sometimes an issue occurs where you cannot pay for the reservation of a customer with a voucher. This can happen for two reasons:

1. You do not have enough balance. If the client does not have enough balance in their voucher to pay the total amount of the reservation, it will not appear as a form of payment. If the customer wants to pay the remaining part with another form of payment, you will need to use that money to recharge the voucher and then use the voucher to pay the entire reservation. 

2. It is not a permitted product. Sometimes the client has sufficient balance, however at the time of payment, the system provides an error adivising that the reservation cannot be paid with the bonus.

This will occur when you have placed a limit/rule on the voucher so that the clients can only pay for one type of product- For example: You created a morning voucher which only allows bookings in the morning Monday to Friday as this is not a peak time and is cheaper but the booking is for an afternoon. 

When this occurs, you must assign the product of the reservation in question, to the products allowed to pay with the voucher. 

To check this, go to Settings, Payment Method and click on the reference of the voucher you want to use to make the payment.

Within the voucher screen, under Valid Products, you will need to click on New. 

In the new screen that appears, it will allow you to add a new product of your choice. For this example, you will choose a product that is suited for the afternoon. 

Once it has been added to the voucher, it will now be a permitted product and therefore you can proceed to the payment with the required bonus and process the reservation. 

NOTE: The product to be added is the one that corresponds to the one assigned in the schedule for that particular reservation. 

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