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Identify and apply the correct client status

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When you are going to register a new client by opening a new blank client card, the only two fields to be filled in as mandatory (marked with a blue asterisk) is the field First and Last Name and Status.

The status is filled in by default as an active, however in the dropdown menu, you will see that there are different options to choose from. 

Here we will explain each option in detail:

  • Active: Whenever you register a new customer from the administration area, the status Active is set by default, regardless of the rest of the data that we complete in the client card in addition to the mandatory ones.

  • Waiting for validation: The client is in a transitory state. The client has made the registration from the web zone or mobile app but has not yet confirmed the registration by clicking the link that is sent to them by email. Until the client confirms their registration, they will not be active and therefore will not be able to make online reservations or receive the emails sent by the club.

  • Locked: By placing this status on a client it will prevent them from making online reservations and the program will not provide an alert to the administration area if they are the holder or player of a reservation.

  • Incomplete Info: This is an informative status. It is actually an Active client for all purposes but the program informs us that the fields of email and/or mobile phone are missing. 

  • Cancelled: If you place this status on one of your clients, they will be unsubscribed from your club and will form part of the cancelled list. You will not be able to communicate with this client or make reservations etc. It is also possible to schedule a customer withdrawal for the future if you complete the below field in the file.

From the list of Clients/Active Clients, you can filter the status field to identify the clients in each client status. 

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