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Registration questions
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In this article we explain how they are created to later include them in their corresponding section.

As you know when you create a Ranking, Tournament or Courses you can include questions for registration as long as you choose online Registration.

IMPORTANT: Remember that with the Rankings you cannot register online, and that in Courses, the Online Registration option is set in the Type of Course.

We would have to go to the Systems menu and there to Registration questions.

Once we are on that screen, we click on the button again to start creating the question we want.

Here we begin to fill in data, in the Type section, we will have a drop down with the following options:

Text: We put the question we want the customers to answer us
Type: In this option we will get a drop down to see what answer do you want for your question. 

Text: You are answered with a paragraph that they consider is correct.
If not,
Choose Value: In this section we must fill in addition to the text, the values. Example: What size shirt do you want? and below in the Securities option you should put: S, M, L, XL, XXL and even the size you offer.
Rank: The rank is given by stars for example, treatment at the reception etc. according to what question you ask. Important to know and that we advise you to put it in the Text section is which 1 star is the lowest score and 5 stars is the highest score.
Hourly Availability: In this it is not necessary that you fill in the Securities section as in some case that I mentioned above, since when choosing this type it is filled by itself, then I show it in the image.

Once we save everything, if we go to Tournament or Activities at the bottom, just below Categories, we can add the registration questions we have created.

In this way, when customers enter from their Client Zone they will be able to see the questions you have added when registering.

The client would see it like this from his Client Zone.

With any questions you have, you can always write to us in the chat that appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

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