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How to share the ''I'm in'' partner on WhatsApp
How to share the ''I'm in'' partner on WhatsApp
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When you become a Playtomic Partner, the way to share the ''I'm in'' that you create with customers is done differently.

When you enter the Playtomic app, on the main page you get the P.

That P is equivalent to ''I'm in'' that you have created and published. Once signed up you have to click on the filter button.

In the new window that appears you have to do 2 things:
1- In the location you would have to look for the club or the city where you want to see the ''I'm in''
2- Mark the option of Matches that I can play and click on Apply Filters

The button ''Matches that I can play'' is for to follow that when it's shared in whatsapp, each person who accesses that link will receive the ''I'm in'' according to the level of each of them, otherwise without clicking the button they would all receive the ''I'm in'' without any filter with what would receive ''I'm in'' complete, etc.

Now, if you want to share only one specific match from the filter that you have done, because the person with whom you want to share it knows that it has the same level as you, you will have to click on that match and give the option to share, either in IOS or on Android.

In this case for example, I want to share the Club de Cristalia

Click the share button and that's it.
With any questions you have, you can always write to us in the chat that appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

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