Opening the cash drawer

How to open the cash drawer to start making sales of the day

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In order for you to start making sales for the day, the cash register must be open for the program to allow payments. Follow these steps to open: 

  1. In the main menu you select Cash, which shows all of the registers that you have created at the club. It is recommended to create as many cash registers in the program, as physical cash registers in the center or club. 

2. Click on the register you want to open and a new screen appears where you must enter the amount of money you wish to start the day with.
There is also an Observations field, in case you need to leave any comments regarding this cash register. 

3. To finish the process, click on the Open Cash Register button. 

Note: The amount of cash that was indicated on the last closing is shown for information purposes.

The daily cash list shows as follow: 

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