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Automatic Extras (Syltek)
Automatic Extras (Syltek)

Adding timed lights to bookings

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In the program it is possible to configure Automatic Extras that will allow you, for example, to add the amount of light to each reservation from a certain time.

From the main menu: 

And click on New. 

From here, you will need to complete the following fields:

  • Description: Give the Automatic Extra a name.

  • Priority: This number indicates the priority that this extra has over others to enter into the facility. The higher the number the more priority it has.

  • Type: Here you need to select from the drop-down options. Add to all reservations, Only online or Only for management. 

  • Now you put the date From which you want the extra to be active and then the date Until is when it will end. If you leave the date fields blank, the extra will always be applied. 

  • Now you mark the day/s in which you want it to be applied. 

By clicking on Save, new sections are enabled below: 

Single dates: If the extra is valid only on certain days, you can specify the dates by clicking on the New button. 

Hours: By clicking New, a new screen appears where you need to complete the following fields. 

  • Description: The description of the Automatic Extra. 

  • Facility: Select from the drop-down box the facility you want the extra to be applied to.

  • From: The time from which you want it to start. 

  • Until: The time when you want it to end. 

  • Product: Here you can select the product you want to use. By clicking the magnifying glass, it will show you all the products that have been previously created. If you are wanting to charge for the lights, there must be a service type product created. If it is free then use the free product.

If the automatic extra hours setting is repeated for the rest of the facilities, instead of doing them one by one, you can copy the extra configuration from one installation to the other.

This can be done from the Settings/Automatic Extras menu, then ticking the automatic extra you want to copy and then click on the Copy configuration button.

Select from the drop-down box on the left, the facility of origin and in the destination column, tick the facilities where you want to make the copy and then click on Copy.

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