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User roles in administration

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The system has different role options that can be applied to admin users. 

From the main menu - System, then Roles.

You will need to assign a role to each of the users of the system and this will determine the permissions that the user has inside the program. 

By default, the following are created: 

  • Admin: You have full permissions to view, create and edit everything in the program. 

  • Admin without edit config: You have full permissions to view and create everything in the program, but not to edit the existing configuration. 

  • Mini version: You have full permissions on the program but a reduced version of it. 

  • Reception: In general, you have permits related to customers, collections, reservations, register/POS etc.

  • Professor: In general you will have permits that have to do with schools, private classes, activities, tournaments etc.

Each role is associated with a Security Level (see images). This confirms that a user cannot modify the permissions of their own role. It must always be modified by a user with a role assigned of a higher security level. 

To modify the permissions of a certain role, click on the reference of the role and then Edit in the new screen. 

In the Default Permissions block, all the functionalities of the program are arranged alphabetically which can either be ticked or not as to whether these functions are accessible with that role.
The following levels can be given on each permit:

  • Read all: You can see what has already been created. 

  • Create all: You can create new records.

  • Modify all: You can modify records that have been already created. 

  • Delete all: You can delete records that have been created. 

  • Export all: You can export excel or pdf records that have been created.

  • View passwords: Only applicable to specific permissions of encrypted fields.

Tick or untick the boxes that you want to change and then click Save.

It is also possible to create new roles in your center. To do this, from the main menu go to System/Roles/New and then fill in the following fields. 

Name: Put the description of the role.
Security Level: Assign a number (between 1 and 10)
Default Permissions: Tick which permissions you wish to grant.
Specific Permissions: Tick which levels you want to grant on each permission (read, create, edit, delete, export, see passwords). 

Once you have completed, click Save and now this new role is ready to be associated with users. 

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