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Configuration - Families and Subfamilies
Configuration - Families and Subfamilies

How to create families and sub-families in the back office.

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Within the Settings menu you have the option of Families. What is families and how does it work for you? 

This is the product area of your venue where you can create as many types of products as you have. For example sports (paddle, tennis, golf, squash, yoga, pilates) or for example store (products, material, etc).

Once the Family is created, you have the option of creating Subfamilies that are the smaller sub-products that the family has. This, even if you don't see it, is important to create, as all of the products you create ask you to add a subfamily. It is also important to add these for reporting purposes. 

The original sport of the venue will, by default, be there already with the subfamilies it requires, however if you have a store or other sports, it will need to be added. 

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