How to create the venue facilities/courts/fields

In this article we will show you a basic part of the configuration, which is how to create facilities. Also known as courts/fields.

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Normally in the initial configuration that you complete for us to start configuring the program, you already include the facilities of your center, eg. 3 paddle courts, 1 tennis court, 2 soccer fields etc. However there is a chance that you have to add a new facility or on the contrary, need to stop using one you already have. 

To create a NEW facility, you need to go to Settings/Facilities. Click on new and complete the fields "Name" which will be the name of the facility, and then Activity, which is the sport in which that facility will be related to. (If it does not appear on the list you will have to create the Sport in Settings/Sports). 

By default, "Available in internet" will be ticked, however If you do not want this facility visible for online bookings for one of many reasons, then un-tick this box. 

The type of facility, which must be created first in the sport, will serve to indicate to customers in Playtomic to what type of facility each of the courts/fields. For example, if it is Indoor vs Outdoor, Single vs Double. 

The "Order" field in the facility indicates the order of how you want the facilities to appear in the administrator part and in Playtomic.
Facilities that have less value in this field will appear first. Always start with "0".
(Many times you create facilities but then the order they have in the club or to which customers are accustomed to is another)

When the facility is created, it appears with no available schedule, you would therefore need to complete the steps to create a schedule in Settings/Schedules and assign one to it. 

This can be done in two ways:

If it is a facility whose schedule is going to be the same as in other facilities that you have already created, you can simply copy the Facility Configuration, where you can indicate the schedule of which court you would like to copy and and copy it to the new one. 

If it is a new facility, which will not have the same characteristics as the others already a new schedule must be created. To do this go to Settings/Schedules, click on the reference of the schedule where we want to add change the facility or click on New. 

You can read how to create schedules here.

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