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How to create a service type product
How to create a service type product
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In the program the products can be of three types (articles, services and fees).
The steps to register new services in the program are:

  1. Settings, Products. 

2 - Click on New
3 - On the screen that opens we fill in the fields that are marked with a red asterisk.

Name: Detailed description of the service.
Type: You will select from the Service drop-down.
Subfamily: You select from the drop-down subfamily to which this new service will be associated.
Supplier: If we want to register the supplier of this article we look for it with the magnifying glass on the right.
Points per unit: If you want to put an amount (you must bear in mind that 1 point is equal to 1 euro), the customer will be rewarded every time with that amount, automatically reloading a bonus every time he purchases this product.
Discontinued: If we mark it, this product is no longer available for use or sale.
Net price: it is not necessary to touch it, with specifying the type of taxes and the gross price, when saving the changes it is calculated only.
Type of Taxes: Select from the drop-down the appropriate one.
Gross Price: Enter the retail price of the service.
Minutes per Unit: Specify the time in minutes. The program will calculate the Gross price specified above based on the minutes per unit.
Icon: It allows you to upload the photo of the article to be more easily recognizable from the POS. 

4. Save.

Note: In the service type products it is very common to make price customizations by customer type or price customizations by customer. This can be found in the Custom Rates tab. 

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