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How to create an Item type product
How to create an Item type product

Adding products to your back office

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In the program, the products can be of three types (articles, services and fees). The steps to register new articles in the program are:

1. - Go to the menu Settings/Products

2.- Click New

3.- On the screen that opens, fill in at least the fields that are marked with a blue asterisk.

Name: Detailed description of the item, we can include size and color if it is a textile garment.

Type: We will select from the Item drop-down menu.

Subfamily: You select from the drop-down the subfamily to which this new article will be associated.

Supplier: If we want to register the supplier of this article, we search for it with the magnifying glass on the right.

Quick Sale: marking the check will create a direct access button from the POS.

Suggest when booking: If activated, suggest the sale of this product from the customer area when making a reservation.

Points per unit: if we put an amount (keep in mind that 1 point is equal to 1 euro), it will reward the customer each time with that amount, automatically recharging a bonus each time they buy this product.

Discontinued: If we mark it, this product is no longer available for sale.

Net price: it is not necessary to touch it, by specifying the type of taxes and the gross price, when saving the changes it is calculated by itself.

Tax Type: Select the appropriate one from the drop-down.

Gross Price: Set the retail price of the item.

Use Stock: If we want to control the stock of this product, we mark the check

Minimum stock: if we put a quantity, when there are less than those units in stock the program sends us a warning email.

Do not sell without Stock: If we mark the check, when 0 units of that product are reached, the program will not let us sell said item until we make a new warehouse entry.

Bar Code: We can enter the bar code of the item to use a code reader at the time of sale from the POS

Icon: It allows us to upload the photo of the article to be more easily recognizable from the POS.

4.- Save

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