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See the status of an email sent
See the status of an email sent

How to view the status of an email sent and the meaning of your status

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See the status of emails sent 

In the Clients menu we find two submenus that will show the status of the emails sent from the program.

Sent emails: This shows a list of all the sent items. Above all, it shows the status of the bulk emails. Within any sent item on this list, you can see how many recipients have received the email and how many are pending.

Also at the bottom of the screen you can see all the recipients to whom the email has been sent and the delivery status of each of them.

Things to remember: If the mass email has been sent to a large number of customers the shipment will be progressive. Gradually the emails will be sent until the pending field is empty. 

Emails per recipient: All emails that have been sent to a client, can be viewed in the communications tab of the client file.

Important Note: Syltek keeps the history of the emails sent from the last 3 months.

The Meaning of an Email Status

  • Sent successfully: The email has been sent and has not returned any errors. This does not ensure that you have reached the recipient's main inbox as it may have been sent to the spam folder. 

  • Pending: The mail has been sent but the server does not know provide the status of it. 

  • Do not send list: The customer has unsubscribed from the club's commercial communications. You will only receive emails of actions that the client performs (reservations confirmations, cancellations, confirmations of inscriptions in activities, etc.)

  • Delivery failed: The configuration of the shipping address is incorrect. 

  • Authentication error: It means that the password of the sending account that is configured in the Configuration/Center program is not correct.

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