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Create multiple reservations
Create multiple reservations
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Multiple reservation is a convenient way to make several bookings at once. It is very useful for example when a client wants to book their courts for the whole year, or when the club wants to block a series of facilities for holding a tournament. Multiple reservations can include several facilities, days or hours. To create a new multiple reservation:

1. We will go to Reservations / Multiple Reservations menu and click the "New" button.

2. We will fill in all the fields with the information regarding the new multiple reservation.

· Description: It is the name under all reservations are grouped. The description is what will appear in the occupancy.

· Type: Select the type of reservation. The type of reservation is what will give a color and a price to the multiple bookings that will be created. To know what are the types of reservations and how to create a new type of reservation, see the article Types of reservations.

· Client: Select the customer that will be the owner of all the reservations that we will generate.

· From and To: Start Date and End Date of the reservation set.

· Reservation Start Time and Reservation End Time: Time at which reservations will begin and end. There are times when a multiple reservation is made up of bookings with different start times depending on the day. To set this type of reservations, we will look at the section "Add new reservations" to a reservation already created.

· Duration: When we want to divide the duration of the reservation into smaller intervals we will specify the minutes that each of the slots will have in this field.

· Facilities: Select the facilities that we will use for these reservations.

· Day of the week: We select the day, or days, in which the reservations with the characteristics that we have specified, will be created. If we are going to make a multiple reservation with the advanced options, we will not specify a day. The program will create the bookings from one day after the date we stablished in the field "From".

· Advanced options: This option gives us the opportunity to create a number of specific reservations.

In this section we will configure:

· Duration of the reservation.· Number of reservations: we will specify the number of exact reservations that we want to create.

· Book with a single client: We will select this box if all the reservations will go to the client's name of the multiple reservation specified in the "Client" field, configured at the beginning of the multiple reservation. In the case that the bookings are made for several clients, we will specify which clients are treated in the section that appears below, called "Clients". The program will make a reservation on behalf of each of these clients. If there are not as many customers specified as the number of reservations, the rest of the reservations will be created without a client.

· Interval between reservations: the separation in number of days that should exist between each of the reservations.

3. Click on the "Save" button to save the new multiple reservation or "Save and new" to save it and create another multiple reservations

TO BE CONSIDERED: the range of dates that we have configured in the field "From, Until" of the multiple reservation, must be enough to accommodate the number of reservations that we have configured in the advanced options, taking into account the separation of days that should exist between each of these bookings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are previously booked facilities that interfere with the multiple reservation, the program will notify you giving you the option to change the parameters or book only those that do have time availability and do not interfere with others.

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