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What is Syltek SMS and how do you set it up.

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What is Syltek SMS?

Syltek SMS is a free App that can be downloaded on Android phones. This app links the phone with the Syltek software so that when one or more sms are sent using it, the sending is made from that mobile phone.

The cost of the sms is up to the telephone operator that is hired for that telephone.

Important note: you have to be very careful with the contracted rate, because sometimes although they indicate that you have limitless sending, many companies charge you from a certain amount.

Configure Syltek SMS

1- The first step to start the process for Syltek SMS is to download it on the mobile from this link download app or enter scroll down to the bottom of the page and then download it at the Products section.

2- Once downloaded, when we open it a message will pop up for us to allow the installation of app:

We accept and then we got another message ( We click Settings)

We go to Settings and we enable "Allow this source"

Once installed, in the first screen that will appear we will press "Configuración" wich mean Settings.

Id del club: is the name of the center, wich is used by the program in order to access.
Api Key: this key must be requested through a support ticket to our "Support Department". It is a 6-digit alphanumeric key that will have to be placed in that space.

4- Click "Guardar" (Save)
5- Click "Iniciar/Detener" (Start/Stop) If you press once the application will start. If you press again the application will stop.

6- In the Syltek software go to the module "Settings/Center" and there, in the section of communications, select "Center mobile phone" as the provider.

The Symbol that the application is started and working is the Android robot located at the top of the phone screen.

Important note:
Syltek is not responsible for duplicates sending of SMS or derivatives that may cause an additional cost to the club.

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