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Enter stock in your Warehouse
Enter stock in your Warehouse

How to enter stock of our products.

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When a new store or cafeteria order arrives at the center, we will want to control the stock that we have in the warehouse. To do this, it is a mandatory step to enter the amount of stock that arrives from each item and add it to the current stock ,always keeping the store reports updated and therefore, our warehouse.

To take into account: if in the order we are recieving new items that were never before in our system, we will have to register those items in the program first.

To enter the stock we will follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings/ Storage activity / New.

  2. Enter the description of the new order. A description can be the number of the delivery, the date of the order, and so on.

  3. Click on Save.

  4. Once it is saved, a new section called Entries will appear, click the "Introduce products" button.

  5. A list of the products that use stock will appear. If we had added the bar code of the product we could pass it through the reader so the data will appear in the blankets. In here, will introduce:

            · Quantity: number of units that comes of a product.
            · Unit cost: the price of the unit to which the center has purchased the product                with VAT included.

    6. Click on Send.

Important note: If an item that has been registered does not appear in the list when entering the stock, it is due to the fact that the option "Use stock" is not enabled in the product file.

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