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Create a Reservation Type
Create a Reservation Type

How to create a new reservation type

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If you want to charge different prices for any reason (eg. contracted multiple hours) that are different to the ones that are configured, a new reservation type must be created. 

  1. From the menu go to Reservations/Reservation Types and click on New. 

2. Fill in the fields as below:

  • Description: What is the new reservation type for?

  • Reserved, Partial Payment and Paid (background): These are the colors you can choose to see in the schedule when a reservation of this type is made. The (text) color is something you choose also.

  • Product: This field only needs to be filled if the price of this reservation type differs from the normal configured prices. To see how to add a product to a reservation type, please read this article.

  • Sport: Select the sport that this reservation type applies to. If it applies to all sports then you can leave this blank. 

  • Available in internet is to stay ticked.

  • Automatic Extras: Tick if you would like this reservation type available to coincide with automatic extras (auto lights etc). 

3. Once all of this data is completed, click on Save. 

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