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Customize the price of reservations for specific client type
Customize the price of reservations for specific client type
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There are centers that have different types of customers, either because they pay a fee that allows them to enjoy certain privileges (discounts and special prices) or simply have a special treatment without paying any fees. To avoid having to edit the price of these products (reservations, fees, items etc) each time they are charged, the program allows you to configure those special prices and apply them automatically. 

Use the following steps to perform the customization: 

  1. Go to Settings, Products.

  2. Click on the product reference in which you want to customize the price for a type of customer. 

Something to remember: If the special price is for all reservations made by this type of customer, all the reservation products of the center will have to be customized. Know what rates are being applied in Reservations. 

3. Once inside the product screen, click on the Custom Rates tab. 

4. Click on New.
5. Once in the New Custom Price by Type of Client screen, complete the following:

  • Client Type: Enter the type of customer to whom a special price will be customized.

  • Unit Gross Price: Price to be charged to customer of this type for a unit of time. The unit of time appears in the main tab of the product, normally it is 60 minutes.

  • Taxes Type:  The tax amount charged to the sale.

  • Minimum and Maximum Amount: The personalized price is ALWAYS for one unit. When we want to customize the price only when the customer consumes a specific duration we will specify the units in these two fields.

6. Click on Save. 

Please also see demo video below. 

To better understand this configuration, we provide different examples:

Example 1: When the price is proportional to the duration. 

When we want the price of reservations for a specific type of customer to be € 10 / hour regardless of their duration. This is saying that the price is proportional to the duration so that time will be € 10, hour and a half € 15 and two hour € 20. In this case the gross price of the unit will be € 10 and the minimum amount will have no value because it will be applied regardless of the duration of the reservation.

Example 2: When the special price is only for a certain duration.

When the special price for this type of customer is only for 90-minute bookings and we want its price to be € 12. In this case, as with the program you always have to tell the gross price per unit and the unit is 60 minutes. If you are going to consume 90 minutes at € 12 the price of the hour comes to € 8. In the minimum and maximum quantity we will put 1.5 units because we want this price to be applied only in the 90 minute bookings. The customization is as follows:

Example 3: When the price for the duration is not proportional. 

We want to charge a customer type € 9 for 1 hour and € 12 for 1 hour and a half. In this case the hour and a half is not proportional (€ 9 x 1.5 = € 13.5). In this case we will have to make two price customizations.

  1. Customize the price for 1 hour at €9.

2. Customize the price for 1.5 hours at €12. As always the price is per hour. If we want the hour and a half to come out at €12, the hour will be €8.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Reservation prices must be indicated per hour and a full rate. If the reservation has several clients, each client will calculate their part of the reservation, based on their rate. 

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