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Assign a product to a reservation type
Assign a product to a reservation type
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The first thing to check when you want to assign a product to a Reservation Type is that you have the product created with the right price. This check can be done from the Settings/Services menu.

If the product is not available, it must be created from the Settings/Services menu. You can see step by step how a product is created in the article found below. 

Once the product is created, it is now possible to go ahead and configure the reservation type following the steps below:

  1. Go to the menu Reservations/Reservation Types.

  2. Search and find the Reservation Type you would like to add the product into. If you need to create a new Reservation Type. The article for this can be found here

  3. Click on Edit.

  4. In the product field, click on the drop-down and select the product you want to assign from the list.

5. To finish, click on Save. 

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