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How to import clients in Syltek
How to import clients in Syltek
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If you have a database of clients that you want to enter into the sofware, you must import them with a CVS file:

1️⃣ You will need to create first a EXCEL file with the following information:

  • First and last name*

  • Type

  • Mobile phone

  • Email*

  • Status

  • Gender

  • Birthdate

🚨 First and last name/email fields are mandatory for the import. The other fields are only highly recommended to have an optimal database

2️⃣ When completing the information above, you have to consider the following rules:

  • Type: it needs to be associated to the reference of the client type (previously set up from clients>client types): for example member vs non member

  • Gender: the field must be numeric and the values are 0=male and 1=female

  • Status: it must be numeric and the values are 0=Active, 1=Pending validation, 2=Blocked, 3=Down, 4=Incomplete data

  • Birthdate: the format must be dd/mm/yyyy, for example 24/04/1974

2️⃣ Go to Clients > Import clients > Import

If you have an Excel file you can export it to csv pressing Save as CSV

3️⃣ Click on "Choose File" at the bottom of the screen and select the file from your PC

How to update existing customers

To update existing customers, the operation is very simple. You have to define a field that is identical in the CSV and in the database. The software searches among the existing customers, one that has that value and then updates the rest of the fields. The options to update are Reference, Email, Mobile and Id2.

👨‍🎓 As an example, if we want to update the data of a customer whose phone number is 666554433, we will select the mobile value in "Key to update". In this way, the program will search among the clients in the database for one with the same number 666554433 and then update the rest of the fields with the csv values.

From here, the only thing left to do is to select which column of the CSV file corresponds to the field in the database.

💬 If you need further assistance, do not worry! 😊 you can contact us in the live chat and we will help you out

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