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Pay a reservation

With Quick Payment or from the POS

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Syltek offers two payment methods to charge a reservation: Quick Payment and Pay with POS. Using one or the other depends on the actions you want to perform with the payment. 

Please remember: If the price of the reservation is €0, the Quick Payment and Pay with POS buttons will not appear in the options panel. The View Collections button will appear.

Pay a reservation by Quick Payment

The biggest advantage of this payment method is that it allows you to charge all of the players of the reservation on the same screen, which can save you a lot of time during busy periods. 

To pay a reservation via Quick Payment, we use the following steps: 

  1. Click on the reservation.

  2. In the options panel click Quick Payment.

  3. A payment screen will appear with each player listed in the reservation.

  4. Select a method of payment for each player from the options in the drop down box. Each player can pay with a different form of payment. An example would be for the client to have a discount and the remaining to be paid in cash. 

5. Click on accept.

It is not necessary to pay the entire reservation at once, in order to use the Quick Payment option. Eg. If there are 4 players, you can charge 2 players before the match, then charge the other 2 players after the match or complete this as many times as required. 

Pay a reservation by POS

The advantages of using the POS option in comparison to Quick Payment is that it allows the debt of several players to be collected from the same reservation which can be collected from one single player. Another advantage is that it allows you to add other oustanding payments that need to be collected and consolidate them to one transaction. 

To pay a reservation via POS, we use the following steps. 

  1. Click on the reservation we want to charge.

  2. In the options panel, select which player you would like to charge.

  3. Click on Pay with POS. 

4. In the POS screen, click on Pay.
5. Select the payment method and the sale will be totalled. 

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