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Modifying the price of a service

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When a reservation is made, the program sets a default rate. 

These rates that have been applied by default are configured thorugh service-type products that are subsequently associated with each installation within the schedule.

 To change the prices of the services, go to the schedule and confirm exactly which ones require changing. They can be accessed directly through here. 

The following steps will exlpain how to see and modify the services being charged in reservations: 

  1. In the main menu, go to Settings and then Calendar.

Here it shows us the calendar of the current month and the schedule that each day is following. 

2. Click on the day in which you want to know the rates.
3. By clicking on the "opening hours" of the schedule, it shows the opening and closing time slots of the facilities that will be open at this time. These time slots ultimately determine the price of the service being charged. 

The same facility may have different time slots due to varying facility features or the price of the reservation differs in each of the time slots. 

4. Click on the product in which you would like to modify the rate.

5. Click Edit.
6. Modify the Gross Price as required.

You can see that the gross price of the reservation is charged for the indicated minutes per unit and therefore, as long as there is nothing configured in the "Custom prices" or "Prices per customer" tab, that price will be confirmed. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a product is set for both weekdays and weekends, if you modify the price in one day, it will be modified for the reservations of both schedules. In the case where different prices are required, two different products will need to be created, one for each schedule. 

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