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How to modify the Cash Drawer opening/closing movements.
How to modify the Cash Drawer opening/closing movements.

Change the introduced amount in the opening/closing movements.

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Whether we were wrong when entering the amounts in the opening movement of the cash drawer or when closing it, there is the possibility of modifying it afterwards.

In order to modify the opening and closing data, the user must be a system master user. Normally there is a person in charge in the center to which these permits are granted

To see who is the master user, the one that can make changes:
1.- Go to System- Users.
2.- There you can use the filter system to look for it (Master user- Same- Yes)

3.- The users that are shown in the list will be those that the employees of the center have to address to modify the closings and openings.

In case no user of the program is a master user, the manager of the center must request via chat that he wants an employee to become master user, specifying the reference of the user to whom this permission is to be assigned.

To modify a cash drawer opening or closing movement:
1.- Go to Cash Drawer / Cash Drawer Listings.
2.- Select the Cash Drawer and the date you want to make those changes.
3.- In the opening / closing movemnts click Show Details

4.- Click edit.
5.- Modify the data.

6.- Save changes.

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