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Generate an invoice

How to generate an invoice for a client

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To generate an invoice from the program, please use the following steps: 

  1. Go to Billing/Payments Due.

  2. Select which reservation or charges you want to generate on the invoice, having used the filters if necessary. 

  3. Once selected, click on the Generate Invoice button. 

A new screen will appear in which you will have options to generate the invoice/s. 

Invoice Date: The date to be displayed on the invoice.
Company: The company issuing the invoice will be selected.
Billing: You can choose between "Invoice for every client" in the reservation (if there is more than one) or "All invoices to a single client". 

  • Generate an invoice for each customer of the selected collections.

  • Generate a single invoice of the selected collections in the name of a customer. 

Concept: The concept that will be reflected on the invoice, you can choose between: 

  • Dis aggregated: It will show each concept that is included in the invoice with the same description as shown in the collection.

  • Grouped by sub-family: All charges that are included in the invoice will be grouped by their subfamilies and the concepts will be subfamilies. 

  • Grouped into a single concept: All charges included in the invoice will be grouped into a single concept that will be specified in the text box that will be displayed when this option is selected. 

4. Click on Generate. 

Once these steps are followed, we can go to Billing, Invoices and enter it to be able to send it to the client´s emails, or download the PDF.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to generate an invoice, the company must have been created in the program. The company data will be what is shown on the invoice.

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: An invoice is always made from a collection. If you want to invoice a concept that you have not been paid, you will still have to generate a proforma invoice. 

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